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Days after that your video of the superbowl trailer went viralthe stylist british Chris Appleton I wasn’t sure why it had captivated so many. The publication of 39 seconds of Instagram shows Jennifer Lopez, a client of Appleton, preparing minutes before taking the stage for the show. Appleton spends his brush by the hair silky and blonde to give it a last touch up before the big performance. Millions of people have seen the intimate scene.

“After that video, many people –even some who don’t care for both the hair– were speaking of the hair,” said Appleton. “It is as if suddenly to understand my perspective and see the hair as I do, with its energy and its possibilities”.

Appleton has accumulated a collection of these moments iconic hair. Their customers are a mix of superstars and rookies. The sculptural tail of a horse in the tone platinum and black roots that Dua Lipa the assumption at the Grammy awards was its creation. Appleton was commissioned the medium hairstyle picked up that Lopez chose when you walked the runway for Versace with its distinctive green dress of jungle. The braid that brushed her ankles in the video for the song You I threw away 2 also is his creation.

It is also the stylist of header Kim Kardashian West and he was the architect of his damp hair and glamorous at the Gala at the Met last year.

The mane of J. Lo

Over the past few years, Appleton, 36, has become one of those stylists that work with celebrities and now they have thousands of fans. Social networks have allowed to reach the stardombut that is not the basis. Lopez has stated that his talent and attention to detail are reminiscent of the acclaimed stylist Oribe Channelshe died in 2018. “We clicked immediately,” said Lopez. “That chemistry is very important.”

For the superbowl trailer, he and Lopez tested three styles over six days of testing. However, they ran into by accident with the hairstyle chosen. For a test shot, Appleton ruffled his hair with an iron smaller than usual in order to keep more strong. However, due to the humidity of Miami, the curls are not alisaban.

“I had never seen that did that with the hair,” said Appleton. He and Lopez agreed that the hair was too curly. “However, after the filming, people kept saying: ‘J. Lo, was great’ and ‘That hair!’. Their choreographer. Its manager. I realized that the people you loved how you moved the hair”.

For the big day, we did curls again, but after brushing it off, used a flat iron curling irons great for creating waves less closed than it is to give movement to the hair. “I said to Jen: ‘I want your hair dance with you’and so it was.”

However, the successes of Appleton does not avoid self-criticism. “When I see the performance, I think: ‘This strand of hair could have come back to your place. Could have had more movement’,” he said. “I have to be careful not to be carried away by the TOC.

Blondes historical

The hair of the actress Jennifer Aniston is considered iconic since his famous court noventero, The Rachel, is famous worldwide during the first seasons of the series Friends. Since then, Aniston has maintained a close relationship with the stylist Chris McMillan, who is the only “authorized” to cut it, tinturarlo or comb it.

In addition to taking care of the image of Jennifer, McMillan was also the author of the famous pixie cut Miley Cyrus in 2012.

“Jennifer Aniston is a reference to all. It seems that she doesn’t change much his hair, but if you start collecting photos, you will see how different are their styles,” said McMillan for Glamour. “The peiné the other day and warned me: you can Never die. She has a good head of hair. I’m very lucky that she came to me.”

While Jennifer sticks to maintain a more classic and conservative, the case of Miley Cyrus was a dramatic change. “When the time came to make that change, Miley was ready. We had been talking about cutting it and clear it out, sharing photos for more than a month before cutting it. It is always good to have reference pictures and an idea in mind when preparing to experiment with a new hairstyle,” recalls McMillan. After a time, when the singer decided to leave the long hair, he was also responsible for overseeing each phase of the growth.

The stylist shares her tips for any woman interested in taking care of your hair: the shampoo goes in the roots, the conditioner, on the ends; not to overuse products because none will hide if the hair is really mistreated; to cut the long hair every 3 months; and finally, take a risk and dare to cut it and play with it, because it will grow back.