The curious and amusing anecdotes of the famous

The curious and amusing anecdotes of the famous

Margot Robbie.

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Celebrities have many stories to tell, its curious work makes them partakers of curious and fun experiences throughout his years of work have been stored. Some have to do with other famous and this makes them very entertaining. Today we leave some of them.

1. Bradley Cooper received a scolding from Robert de Niro

When Bradley Cooper had to work with Robert De Niro in the movie Without limitsthe actor A star is born asked what humillase. This could give better performance. After a lecture in which he destroyed his work (and which was a performance) Cooper achieved an excellent paper.

2. Brad Pitt is almost hit by Mike Tyson

The actor Brad Pitt he lived a great fright after which the ex-boxer Mike Tyson will be with his ex-wife. This happened a few years ago, and according to Tyson, the actor “pleaded not beating”.

3. Jennifer Lawrence would not stop lying

The young actress The hunger games says that when he was younger it was a lying pathological because there was a time in which I invented things, “only to beat someone else.”

4. Margot Robbie did not recognize royalty

The actress Margot Robbie he acknowledged in an interview that when she met the prince Harry do not immediately recognized. In fact she thought that it was the singer Ed Sheeran and all night she believed that it was the musician with whom he lived.

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