The directors of Avengers: Endgame surprise on Netflix with a rescue Mission, and his statements about Stranger Things

The brothers Russo have been stigmatized by their achievement. What is it? They are directors of several films in the Marvel universe, as Captain America: Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, but have gone to the great history of cinema (at least in numbers) by direct Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgamethe highest grossing movie of the story (yes, the superheroes of Marvel Comics occupy this podium where before they were a film as Titanic).

PROFILE had the luck to chat with brothers Russoand in that talk, away from the penance of the promotion, had fun talking about something they love: the film. The Russo began his career as a independent directorswith the help of Steven Soderbergh and it was his pass for the comedy Communityas producers and directors, which put them in the crosshairs of Marvel: they were perfect to deal with humor and action sequences serious.

Rescue missionthe new action movie Netflixthe has as producers. It is a facet that is not new: since Community to New York no output, several films and series have behind (the show Deadly Classwithout going any further). In Rescue missionthe film is born of a comic illustrated by Fernando León González Juniora cordoba that just crossed a word with the little brothers at that time, the Russo return to work with Chris Hemsworthgenerated more of a smile telling because you are about toilet paper in this quarantine.

Rescue mission Brothers Russo, Chris Hemsworth
Scenes of the film Rescue Mission

The Russo have because since many years ago, from that comic that was originally located in the Triple Frontier, they wanted to tell this history of action: “We wanted to tell a strong story, an emotional storyline, a story that surprised from all its corners, from the physical and sentimental. Do not forget that the basis of the story is the formula ‘physically courageous, but emotionally a coward’, a formula that defines the character of Chris Hemsworth.” And added: “We wanted to put that subject in extreme situationssituations that test their courage, physical, clear, and emotional, to see could he find in this adventure, in this madness that is developed, something like a redemption.”

Premieres on Netflix in April 2020

Far from the caricature mainstream, the Russo adore the film. Of course, that has brought him global fame are the Marvel superhero. But surprised to but asleep when you define your DNA as filmmakers: “Since always, names like Sergio Leone and Francois Truffaut they are present in us and were a big influence. On the side of comedy, there is someone we could not speak never, and that was a big influence when we grew: Mike Nichols. If we talk about things current, we love to John Mulaney.”

Between the surprises when querying for their tastes and passions of today, the brothers who all respond in the plural, talk about Stranger Things. What do they say of the famous show of Millie Bobbie Brown and the brothers Duffer? Joe Russo argues: “To be honest, our kids love Stranger Things, and we also we adore Stranger Things.” Ok, the brothers said that there would be no more Marvel movies but wouldn’t it be a luxury to see a cross between superheroes led by Captain America and Eleven and his gang?

The brothers confess they are fans of Stranger Things thanks to the statements of their children.

Superheroes were in the crosshairs of Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola. The accused him of being a amusement park before films. Some directors, like James Gunn and Kevin Smith, they reacted with respect to both worlds, the directors that defined the film and the characters that now sell in the cinema. Others supported to Scorsese and Coppola. What do you think then the Russo of this dilemma?

At the time of defining superheroes as a mixture of business and passion of multitudes, Joe Russo makes clear its position: “it Is something that has been given along the history: it is always about the heroes, people we can take as benchmarks to aspire to be better. Dress a character with a cape and a mask is the key to make it universal, so that a global audience can relate to him or her.

Anthony Russo ends define the position of the brothers: “What people today define as mass entertainment is the way of telling the whole world, with these characters inspiring for the viewers to be able to deal with your day-to-day, using the sieve of a fantasy world. We believe that it is very important and vital to the narratives, modern narratives of global, hearing great.

Rescue mission Brothers Russo, Chris Hemsworth

The days of a pandemic and quarantine rekindled, to be the anniversary a year of premieres Avengers: Endgamethe passion of the fans. And for Joe Russo that just shows how these films today: “two weeks Ago began the quarantine in the united States and Avengers: Endgame it was trending topicand that has to do by the way in which it connects people around the planet. Emotionally connected, I want to say. And now we see that these stories are vital, for its ability to unite the world.

And Joe adds a phrase in a malicious way, could be read as a replywithout wanting to attack but if you establish roots before griteríos to Scorsese: “It is easy to dismiss the stories of superheroes as pop culture, or consumption of mass entertainment. So easy. But the reason that superheroes have a value after so long a time goes beyond business strategies. Have more than 80 years. There is something in them that today is crucial in our way of connecting.”

Rescue mission is now available on Netflix.

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