The fans were angry with Adele! The decision of the singer did not fell well


Pandemic coronavirus changed the course of the world. Everything that was planned for this year was without effect. The musicians who for a long time they were preparing his new record material, were in the obligation to postpone it for the end of the year or for the 2021. This happened to Adele, who after announcing that the launch of its music will be the newly the coming year, their fans not forgiven him.

Artists such as Sam Smith also had to delay their jobs due to the mandatory quarantine that governed in a large part of the world, in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. In the case of the british singer, their fans were disappointed since this was his new repertoire after 5 years of a disparate musical.

In addition, the composer of ‘One and Only’ decided to walk away from the scenarios to be able to spend more time with his 7 year old son, Angelo. These years away from the music were very hard, because I also had to go through a painful separation from his partner.

Once Adele she has communicated her decision to her fans, some were annoying since it was the most anticipated album of this year. Despite the frustration of their followers, many understood the delay of the material and accompanied the singer.