The Jonas Brothers of the hand of Karol G surprised all the world, Explosive combination!


The famous band of brothers who knew how to make rave to thousands and thousands of teenagers from all parts of the world, not to give surprises. Big news was the announcement of his return as the Jonas Brothersand as if that were not enough, now they launched their new theme “X”, but that is not all as amazed with the collaboration of the singer Karol G.

While it is not the first participation of the colombian singer with american artists, as it comes the launch of the successful ‘Husk’ alongside Nicky Minaj, today it goes back up to the staircase that would lead her to fame, the hand of the group of young people that has reunited to create new music.

The song is called “X”, and is set in the 80s, but, in addition, were able to unite the electronic and the Latin rhythm-a combination that was quickly accepted by his followers. In addition, the artist the colombian was part of the creation of this new single.

It should be remembered that the issue came to light as part of the new documentary the brothers Jonas Brothersinspired by his world tour last year. The back of the group meant remember the songs that were sleeping in the trunk of the memories, but now came with a new repertoire full of present and without a doubt, with many surprises ahead.