The love between Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson

Much had been spoken about the sexual orientation of Cara Delevingnebecause it is by all known that nothing like the world more than to put labels. It has been related to the model with Harry Styles, Jake Bugg, and Paris Jackson, among many other celebrities, and Face are always striving to avoid to be labeled in the interviews. In fact, in the bio of your Instagram asks his followers to stop putting labels and encourage you to live. However, when your love life try to get by without compartments and, therefore, without borders, it is difficult for people to understand.What’s an example? The model ensures that when he speaks about a man to his straight friends, we espetan with disbelief and surprise a dart whose purpose is to delimit also her love life: “But if you’re a lesbian”.

In this hurricane of dating and love affairs, your relationship is more formal, had been the one he had with St. Vincent, who is also the ex-girlfriend of Kristen Stewart. However, your relationship most commented and public, on the part of both parties, is that with Ashley Benson, the actress known for the series ‘Pretty Little Liars’. Much had been rumored about this unexpected ‘match’, but a photograph of the stylist Jamine Mizrahi on social networks served to formalize your love. Because you already know that what is not on Instagram, does not exist.

The famous fotografíto that oficializ’ the relationship’n between Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson.

The famous photograph that formalized the relationship between Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson.

Since then, both have uploaded several pictures that are declared publicly his love, a love that when some dared to criticize, he pushed Cara Delevingne to pull out the claws. When a post on Instagram (the new court) in which both were kissing was commented upon by users, which will recomendabna to Ashley to seek “a religious man” with which to renounce his homosexuality, or was said to him “you really need to get away from this demon and never to return with her. I am sure that many men handsome and religious will bring it back -heterosexuality – in a second. You’re not well, you’re not gay, you like men and you need one”, Face chose not to bite your tongue. “Me dais asco. If you have any problem with the true love, then tell me myself these things to the face instead of projecting your pathetic hatred in Instagram. I feel sorry for you, because it is clear that you are not happy and that you have too much free time. Maybe you should pick you up a hobby that does not involve being a person homophobic and attack others for being happy,” replied the model.

Ashley Benson watertight’ this picture-in-San Valentín.

Ashley Benson shared this image on Valentine’s day.

The two met in the movie ‘Her Smell’ in the year 2018, and it was in may of 2018 when Cara Delevingne boarded the first image together to the networks. Three months later, Ashley Benson posed on Instagram with a necklace adorned with pendants of their initials.

If in march of the following year Instagram formalized the relationship with the above named stylist, in may, were photographed taking her home an bank sexual. Each photograph uploaded to networks, each comment and each snapshot stolen served to remind the world that the love between two women is still encountering many obstacles. But the two characters so popular don’t hide your love comes to normalize not only that, but also that you’re not a weirdo if all of a sudden you fall in love with someone of the same sex and to the age of two, you fall in love with someone of the opposite. Just in the last week Dulceida rose to its Youtube channel a video in which he pointed out that I didn’t understand that the people didn’t seem normal that two women enamoraran, and did so after having read the homophobic comments a picture of two women kissing, uploaded by H&M it had triggered.

The kiss of the discord of H&M.

The kiss of the discord of H&M.

If Dulceida has become a powerful speaker with which to shout to the world that the love of LGBTI it is exactly like the heterosexual, being his powerful message on social networks, the love between Cara and Ashley serves to send the same message to the world from a different platform.

Ashley has shared this picture with his girl.

Ashley has shared this picture with his girl.

Until you get into the light his relationship with Cara, Ashley only had known him boyfriends, including James Franco. What were your lid? In all: the magic of the love between Cara and Ashley is that it reminds the world that bisexuality exists, and that is the most overlooked. Fortunately, women like them and like Miley Cyrus serve so that we will never forget.

Kaitlyeen Carter and Miley Cyrus

Kaitlyeen Carter and Miley Cyrus

The real magic of popular culture to have this narrative loving typically silenced is that bisexuality is not a novelty, but an option that the system we have been amputated before his desire to have it all compartmentalized. The stories like Miley (that after his divorce he had an affair with Kaitlynn Carter and now comes out with Cody Simpson), Ashley, Face, and even Anna Castle, which now has a girlfriend and that he does not feel the need to be defined, aware that the labels obstruct, make this world a little more free, tolerant, and ultimately, better. By the way: if, despite everything, you still wondering if Dulceida, Anna Castillo, Ashley Benson, Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne are or are not bisexual, it is probably appropriate to be wonder what you will bring to our life to know the answer and above all, if it really is.

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