The message of Halle Berry after the criticism of his son by putting on high heels


Parents are increasingly made aware of breaking down the stereotypes from small to help your children to develop their potential and that it is not constrained for your gender. A girl can wear blue with absolute normality and a child can play with a wooden kitchen to bring out your creative side. However, for some users of Instagram, the fact that a child view add-ons that are usually associated with the opposite sex has ended with the patience of Halle Berry.

The actress, who is going through the quarantine in his home in Los Angeles, has had to defend their son Maceo6-year-old, by the simple fact of put on some heels of his mother to have fun. It all started with a cute video of the main character of ‘Catwoman’ that showed how much I was enjoying the small with white boots and your ability to climb the stairs with a thin stiletto heel. “Quarantine day 12,” he wrote.

However, what many of his followers was a innocent video a child playing with the shoes of his mother, or rather, “smashing”, as some pointed to his ‘haters’ was a reflection of the artist was not educating her son very well and even came to label “bad mother”some words that led to the artist not to remain silent, and to defend themselves.

“Do not harm anyone. I’m trying to survive, I mean isn’t it? It is still difficult for children. Let’s have fun and let us all have a little more compassion,” said Berry in a way very elegant and educated. A response that is highly applauded by his followers, that encouraged your child to dress according to their tastes and not feel bad about it.

Let’s have fun and let us all have a little more compassion

Halle has not been the only famous who has had to come out in defense of her small dress simply with clothing and accessories for women. A few months ago Megan Fox took advantage of an interview in the program ‘The Talk’ from Fox TV to ask the people who didn’t shove with his son Noah.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green with their children in Malibu

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green with their children in Malibu
(Backgrid/The Grosby Group)

Months before, they had published some pictures of the actress next to Brian Austin Green, her ex-husband, and their children during a stroll through Malibu. In the shadow I could see Noah disguised as snow White and on another occasion pulled on the blue dress of Elsa (Frozen). “There is a fellow (the college) that will still say, ‘The children do not wear dresses’ or ‘The children do not wear pink’. So now we’re focused on teaching to have confidence in and of itself, regardless of what others may say,” said Fox.

Megan Fox defended her son last September for a few pictures in which he appeared to be dressed as snow White