The new film from Chris Hemsworth on Netflix we are happy to the quarantine


On the 24th of April comes to the streaming platform “Tyler Rake”, in which the husband of Elsa Pataky away from the Marvel universe to play a mercenary

Updated 08/04/2020 14:17

Chris Hemsworth has made us a gift during this quarantine by coronaviruses: the next 24 of April comes to Netflix with Tyler Rakehis new film, a fast-paced thriller of action with ingredients such as mafia, drug traffickers and arms dealers that promises to keep us glued to the screen from beginning to end.

What to watch on Netflix?


We are all looking forward to returning soon to the cinema, but in the meantime enjoy the new releases in the streaming platforms. And besides, all of the series imaginable, these das we attended and also to releases of films that make this quarantine by coronaviruses is ms light.

And that’s just what Netflix expected to pass with your next release: Tyler Rake. A film action starring Chris Hemsworth that promises to get us hooked from beginning to end.

The film comes to Netflix the next 24 of Aprilbut we have already seen the trailer, in which a attractive Chris Hemsworth gives life to a mercenary with nothing to lose named Tyler Rake. A man without fear of anything that receives a commission very dangerous: rescue the child kidnapped from a capo of the mafia in prison.

The husband of Elsa Pataky wanted to share this premiere in your profile on Instagram, in which he left the following message: “I Am very proud of all the work we have done to take forward this project. Are still a few months very challenging for all of us and I hope that this film I get distracted a little bit while we were at home”type in your social networks.

The film est-based on the novel graphic Citya cmic written by the writer Ande Parks from a history that develops along with the brothers Russo and illustrated by the argentine Fernando León González, and in it Chris Hemsworth is away from the Marvel universe (especially of its role in Thor and its sequel, Thor: Ragnarok), but remains to the commands of the director, Sam Hargrave, who has been involved in other films of the company as Avengers: Endgame, Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpoolto , among other.