The outfit atlheisure Margot Robbie (more style to your clothing, exercise)


The actress and her look shows that sports clothes are suitable beyond the routine of training. So takes comfort in a way, super-chic, the star of Hollywood.
Margot Robbie with a look athleisure. Photo: IG.

When Margot Robbie is low a red carpet is a lover of the style athleisure, that is to say, takes sports clothes to their looks everyday, and mix them with clothes from the wardrobe super comfortable without losing style.

Everything that Margot Robbie used… it is up to trend!

Although it may seem like an easy mixing of to do, the style athleisure has its tricks: it is very important to achieve a balance between the sport and other garments trend.

The key is to combine well

If we are going to use a pant, jogging, as in the case of Margot it is important to mix it in a garment with a little more sophisticated, that may be a sweater and a good portfolio or leather backpack.

sports wear + trend. Photo: IG.

The blazers and capped get along very well with leggings, pants stripe on the side and running shoes. Bringing these garments more arranged you will compensate the sporty character with a outdoor female.

You can also incorporate running shoes, hats or backpacks sports to your looks more structured, so you are going to achieve a imprint more airy.

Complete Look of Margot. Photo: IG.

Other of the ambassadors of this style are Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, who adopt clothing own of the gym and incoporan to the look of the everyday life and achieving a look super cool.