The rapper Tekashi 6IX9INE achieved an agreement for a fast way out of jail


The exponent in the genre of urban Tekashi 6IX9INE he was sentenced to 2 years in prison, but his release will be faster than expected.


In December of 2019, the judge Paul Engelmayer reduced the sentence from Tekashi to only 2 years imprisonment. According to the times agreed upon, the rapper would be free at the end of 2020however, this would be reduced even more, as would not come out as agreed, but the next August 2.

The lawyer of the singer Dawn Florio he emphasized that this reduction is due to that Tekashi has been “a perfect model of the prisoner from that he was jailed”.

The story of his conviction

In November of 2018 the renowned rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine – Whose first name is Daniel Hernandez– he was taken behind bars for various crimes associated with drug trafficking and organized crime.


Their sentence ranged between 37 years and life imprisonment, because, in addition to the above, the singer also participated in a shootout that wounded one person.

However, at age 13 months in prison, in December of 2019 the judge to take the case, Paul Engelmayer, issued a statement that it would be very good for the rapper american.

His sentence was reduced to only 2 years in prison, a fine of $35 thousand dollars, to meet 300 hours community service and then being released you will have to fulfill 5 years of supervised release.

All this was due to that Daniel collaborated with justice by revealing some of the names of the gang to which he belonged ‘Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods’.

To do this, was the target of criticism, where it was called ‘snitch’, among other adjectives of the like.

Thanks to the information given by the rapper, the police were able to capture the two most important members of the gang mentioned.

And so he worked the gang Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods


Nine Trey it was a criminal organization involved in numerous acts of violence, such as shootings, assaults and robberies mainly in Manhattan, Brooklyn and its surroundings.

As the vast majority of gangs, Nine Trey I had problems with other groups settled in the city, which saw several clashes in the area by winning prestige and respect of the offenders.

Nine Trey also generated money through illicit businesses like selling drugs. Among the psi-coercive handling are the heroin, fentanyl, furanilo, MDMA, debutilona and marijuana, the latter being the highest distribution.

Tekashi showed his repentance before the judge

Tekashi during the judge’s ruling –since the 18 of December of 2019 – took the opportunity to show their repentance with an emotional letter in which, in addition to apologise for the damage that might have caused, he thanked the authorities for having detained, because thanks to it managed to lay a head on your actions.

“I am happy that the public has been able to see me deal with the consequences of my actions because I feel that this throws a light on what can come of the gang affiliation,” wrote Daniel.

In addition to the –judge Paul Engelmayer-, stressed how important it was Tekashi to be able to contain the members of his former gang, ensuring that “his cooperation was impressive. I was changing the game, it was full and brave”.

The judge also said that the 13 months that Daniel wore in the jail were not enough for all the damage that caused so much justice as to the society. In addition, he pointed out that there are many artists from genre urban you sing about topics such as organized crime and that this should not be so.

In addition to the positive in terms of reducing prison Tekashi thanks to all this, rose thoughtfully to their followers on social networks, being Instagram the fastest ascent with a total of 13 million followers.

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