The reason behind that Zac Efron does not sing with Vanessa Hudgens at the meeting of ‘High School Musical’: “Too difficult”


Although over ten years ago that ended the romance Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, their relationship seems to be back to the order of the day after that ‘High School Musical‘you have had your time of resurrection during the quarantine period.

The stars of Disney Channel met in a special ABC to return to sing together, ‘We’re all in this together’.

However Efron only appeared for a few seconds and its hoped-for reunion with Vanessa Hudgens not occurred, which caused a great stir among the fans. Even the actress dropped after a pullita to your ex during a video on his Instagram.

Now, a source close to Zac has revealed Hollywood Life their supposed reasons.

“Already do not talk, so they work together in a situation like this it would be too difficult because he would have liked to rehearse to make it perfect. But that would have meant working with Vanessa and he don’t want that in your life.

Is a person completely different now and wants to turn the page, made the presentation in a big part as a favor to Kenny Ortega (the director). Do not expect to see him singing anything from the music of the movies. There are too many emotions“.

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