The sensuality of a woman is in understanding your body through dance


The sensuality of a woman is in how majestic feel. To do this, there are no more secrets that dare to get to know our body, to move at his pace and, therefore, to accept its history. There is nothing more sensual in a woman that owns her body, who knows what he likes and what not. It is from there that decides, that dance with life. That is the proposal of the peruvian dancer Genoveva Huerta through his artistic project: Look with love. With he offers us a guide to reunite with our bodies in movement, with what agree and with what not, to transform our gaze (often loaded with prejudices) in a more empathetic and loving. Where do you start? She tells us…

When you move your body, move your history

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Have an appointment with your movement:

Ready your outfit with a few pieces of your wardrobe that you feel sensual, prepare your space, look for that playlist of your liking, light a incense (the most to wake up your senses), take the perfume you like and move from place to place. You cannot love what you don’t know, so for me the movement is a great first appointment. Here is a small playlist: me – Rels B
River – Bishop Briggs, Havana – Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug, Side To Side -Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj, Lady Marmalade – Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, Pink, I Want To Dance – Ivy Queen
Crazy In Love – Beyonce ft. JAY Z, Womanizer – Britney Spears, SOS – Rihanna and Brightness – J Balvin & Rosalia.

Inhabit your space:

Close your eyes and imagine that your space is returned to a gateway in which you want to walk. When you feel ready open your eyes slowly and take your first steps. As the first slogan of this year is the game, go outside of your comfort zone and know that you can find your own sensuality. In that part of you that dress in red, with a bralette or with those shoes mules so comfortable – and stylish – we see. Keep everything around you is your play area.

My body in motion:

When you get to this point, we’re going to separate the body into three feelings: safety, spaciousness and enjoyment.

Security: Test move subtly your chin down or lifting it a little. Focus your gaze, make a pan for all your space, and -finally – plays with your hair. The movements of the head represent what we thinkare our focus and the truth of our look can communicate who we are, what we want and what we feel. Symbolizes the determination, explores.

Amplitude: Keep your shoulders erect, hands opened as if they came out lights, move them around as if they were touching a piece of cloth. Caresses your face, neck, arms, torso, legs. The movements of your shoulders and bring your torso and hands. Those of the upper part of our body represent our capacity to welcome, sustain, protect and feel. Let us give him freedom.

Enjoy: Move your hips from one side to the other. It makes circles large and small, that your knees will help to lower and to raise. Make strong movements from the pelvis to side and changed speeds. The movements of the lower part of our body represent fertility, the sex, our openness and our connection with the earth. That does not amount to anything.

Explore your body and accept it.

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Do not limit yourself:

All the time you are putting limits to our body: how we sit, how much you can do for your shape, what type of clothing you may or may not get. Leave now do the same with him. In our body inhabits our story and the stories of thousands of people who had to cross for that of the moon, the form of our hair, nose, mouth, and everything that makes you matter in this universe exists, your body has supported everything that your soul has lived.

When you move your body, move your story, so go beyond what you think you can do, let your body tell your story. He can do more than what you allow it to. You are energy in motion. Move.

You cannot love what you don’t know, the move is to your first appointment

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Look with love:

Yes, discovering the sensuality in our body leads as the main tool of exploration and creation street jazz, a style of dance that combines the technique of jazz and hip hop. Through it, it emphasizes the awareness of our center, the musicality, the expression, body, memory, choreography, coordination-dissociation, among other notions that we invite you to enjoy your dance. In the meantime, when you’re done dancing, please, get your arms around your body. Close your eyes, love yourself.

Looking for a mirror, agradécete for being so brave, for allowing you to move your story and look at you with that deep love that covers them and protects them.