The story behind the activist teen Greta Thunberg


Before Greta Thunberg it became the face of the global combat to the climate changebefore being declared “person of the year” by Time magazine, and outside-nominated Nobel Peace prize, was a girl of 11 years suddenly stopped eating.

The world knows what came after that moment: a prophet teen that travels around the world on a boat to spread his message, an unwavering activist protest in front of world leaders at the World Forum on Economy in Davos, the passionate speaker that during your participation in the meeting of the United Nations dared to question the leaders present: how dare?

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In spite of this, a bit more intimate of the family Thunberg it was published in “Our House Is On Fire: Scenes of a Family and a Planet in Crisis“. The narrative revolves around the terror of the parents of a girl facing a personal crisis, to his sudden spiral in 2014; notes her mother Malena Ernman.

“She was crying in the night when I should be sleeping. She cried all the way to the school. She cried during their classes, during breaks, and the teachers called almost daily to the house,”

Greta stopped playing piano, stopped to laugh and talk. Only ate tiny bites of food specific that their parents prepare. It took her hours to finish a plate of food or three hours four gnocchis, point out in the book.

“In just a few months he lost 9 pounds and her blood pressure and pulse blood showed signs of starvation”

The parents of Greta refer to that Greta had gone through episodes of desolation before, but the details of see the spiral of his daughter, are disastrous. Images of an island mass of plastic adrift in the South Pacific were part of the scenes of a video that Greta saw in the school and that was the reason of this sudden drop in mood.

Unlike other students who could not cope with the reality of what they saw, Greta couldn’t stop thinking about it, to the point that he could not continue his daily life, he writes his mother.

Greta Thunberg he had already been diagnosed with the syndrome Asperger’s and obsessive compulsive disorder. Her autism gave way to his perception of reality and how it was made, in front of her. The lines that talk about your story described that also allowed him to see the climate crisis in black-and-white, which was a gift.

“Greta has a diagnosis, but does not rule out the fact that she is right, and the rest of us we are wrong”

The presence and importance in the rise of Greta has been plagued by conspiracy theories, desacreditaciones, deceptions and accusations hurtful towards their parents, claiming that only the use as a puppet to advance their agenda, which is adoctrinada and made him “brainwashing” or brain-washing.

“Our House Is On Fire” is the rejection of strong to these false accusations. Describes how Greta the recovery of Greta optimized for their activism, and in particular, by his decision of his decision of cutting classes in August 2018, when he sat outside the Swedish parliament holding a sign that said: Skolstrejk för klimatet” (“Strike school for the climate”)

His parents did not know that this action is so simple it would launch a global movement. They were not enthusiastic about their plan, they were concerned about how your care that his daughter would receive, who was just beginning to acquire the appearance of normalcy in his life, say his parents. However, when they saw that their daughter was preparing for the strike and that he felt better than he had felt a long time ago.

His father worried that people desconfiara, they did not believe that a teen I could be just as passionate, motivated and informed about the climate crisis. Warned Greta that was always going to be questioned about whether their parents got into this activism. To which she responded:

“Then I’ll tell you how it really is. I was the one who influenced them, not the other way around”

The speed and scope of the strike Thunberg it was amazing. In the middle of a whirlwind, moments of small but vivid stand out in the memory of the Ernman: his daughter spoke with curious passersby and answered questions from journalists stopped by to interview her. Ate a bowl full of noodles vegan that he gave a friend the third day of their strike. No one knew how valuable it was for their parents after a difficult period that they lived.

“I promise that any parent whose child has not spoken with people for several years and can eat only a few things in some specific places, you will be extremely happy to see these complications disappear”

As the profile of Thunberg grew, so did the hatred for it; it soon began to receive death threats. The family received excrement through the mail and their parents were the subject of complaints registered in the local agencies of social services.

“I began to realize that I was going to remove my daughter. You may not be able to continue living here. The price of being heard is hatred. The price to be seen is the hate”

Although the book does not include the experiences that followed with the popularity of the young activist, such as ridicule direct Donald Trump or the use of her image on a label vulgar distributed by a canadian oil company, and the story conveys the feeling that despite the costs of that Thunberg is a representative figure in the struggle against the climate changefor your parents, who once wondered if she would speak or cronometraban carefully the small doses of food I was ingesting, there is a sense of relief.

Greta hovered on the cusp of everything that soon would become, a teen famous, beloved, reviled, respected, feared, held. At that time, what his father saw was that his daughter finally looked like it was going to be okay.

“How proud?” he said, shouting to be heard by the standing ovation from the crowd for their daughter. “No, I’m not proud of. I am so infinitely happy because I can see that feels good “

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