The tricks infallible beauty of Emilia Clarke, the queen ‘beauty’ of the ap


Unlike the other “celebrities”, the actress from “Game of Thrones” are simple and easily lead to the practice

Updated 12/03/2020 23:17

We’re not going to deny that the predisposition help. But Emilia Clarkelike the vast majority of people, it also has a beauty routine that you strictly follow to always be radiant.

Emilia Clarke has not only stolen the heart of millions and millions of people for her role as Daenerys Targarien in Game of Thrones. The eternal ‘Mother of dragons’ also has marked a before and an after in the world of beauty. So much as that, just a few months ago, the britnica she was crowned as global ambassador of Clinique, one of the giants beautyand not only on cosmetic grounds. Besides having an unquestionable natural beauty, the actress is sinnimo of simplicity, spontaneity and freshness. Like the vast majority of people, the interpreter of Before you also saved some other ace in the sleeve to achieve radiant skin and always be fabulous.

The first point (and most important) is the skin care. The mother of the britnica is dedicated to the world of beauty and ensures that, from very small, has instilled the importance of pampering the skin through three simple steps (or commandments): cleanse, tone and moisturize. “As I said, my mother works in the care of the skin, as that from the 10 years clean, tonifico and hydrate two times a day. All das. I can be a night away from home and, an as, I wake up the next morning with clean skin,” explains Clarke to Mecca. The actress Game of Thrones ensures that it is in favour of the care of simple, but effective, and that a good skin is the base idnea for a makeup look natural.

Skin care is a commandment for the actress Emilia Clarke.
Skin care is a commandment for the actress Emilia Clarke. Gtres

One of the distinctive features of the face of the actress are the eyebrows and, as with the care of the skin, Emilia has followed the advice of your expert confidence. “My mother imposed on me three rules that should not ever break: do not try drugs, not to have sex and not to touch my eyebrows. The nios is rean m so thick they were and she I repeat that when he was older we will thank you. And today I give them to you. I was forced to lubricate them with petroleum jelly and groomed before I go to bedand what I’m doing,” explains Emilia.

Rarely we will see the britnica with make-up or excessive devious. Emilia has confessed that he only uses makeup when it is strictly necessary, and your bet is usually naturalness. A light base to cover up blemishes, eyeliner, liquid to enhance the look and a red lip. “I use black eyeliner, because the brown people gives me a look of tired, and a lot of mask of pestaas. But also I have my trick: use two masks of different, a longer, and separate pestaas, and another to give thickness“, seala the interpreter, that knows how to make the most of their blue eyes.

The brit
The britnica is in favor of the simplicity and naturalness. Gtres

Emilia Clarke, like many people, every time is more conscious of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, with the practice of sports and a food balanced as a base. “The confidence in the own body comes with age, gradually I have been feeling better about myself. In terms of sport, m, I work the periods of training shortsbut intense, although I have to confess that I am not a very disciplined”, continues Clarke. In terms of the food, the actress has revealed that follows the method ‘Clean and Lean’, which is simply to eat better. “Nothing to go crazy counting calories or going hungry. Taking meals very nutritious. 50% of the plate est composed by fruits and vegetables; 25% for whole grains and the other 25% of protena fish, chicken and legumes,” concludes Clarke, the queen of beauty, at least, this 2020.