The unusual requests that the directors made to Salma Hayek when she started in Hollywood | People | Entertainment


The mexican actress Salma Hayek has been a part of countless films in which he has interpreted various roles, including, has been nominated for the Oscar by depicting Frida Kahlo.

So his career has come to carve up to get a space in the Hollywood film industry, however, it was not always easy for her and in its beginnings it tasted bitter episodes.

Despite his preparation, Hayek has revealed that more than one occasion his talent was minimized, taking into account only its physical appearance.

“Unfortunately, I was never presented with too many opportunities do roles in which I could use everything I had learned previously,” he said in an interview with Total Film. “Or you’re making a ham one thoroughly and then you kept doing it that way”.

Despite this, the mexican continued getting ready, but the directors soon stop seeing it only as a ‘sex bomb Latin’. “There were directors who told me to my face: ‘he Speaks faster as if you were more silly. You sound as if you were a silly, and speaks more quickly!'”, recalled.

Years after Hayek picked up the fruits of his preparation and talent, leaving behind those bad memories of his early days. (E)