They’re going to explode! The meshes of Anastasiya Kvitko don’t support that kind of pressure!


Or the quarantine has prevented that Anastasiya Kvitko exit to the street and look one of their famous outfits. The Russian model not afraid of the virus and has come to burn an ad for an energy drink with a few meshes that do not support the pressure of your body.

Despite the fact that you are falling, few are the models of Instagram they have dedicated a few words of encouragement to his followers. If for the first time the divine Alexa Dellanos he sent a message to their fans and Eva Padlock the like with a #StayHomefrom the mouth of Anastasiya you have not left anything.

But what is clear is that the standards of social isolation does not go with itbecause in addition to the work today, done in the middle of the street, their publications show the other day in which the model is to enter the gym.

The crisis of the coronavirus has struck so strongly that Alexa recognizes that have lost jobs for not being able to get out to the street to do them, but with Anastasiya, apparently the same is not trueit has placed the mesh tighter, has gone to work and has returned to leave us crazy when we’ve checked that the seams of the garment are going to explode.

Kvitvo encourages us to follow the creator of the soft drinks that lends his imagewe question with questions short what is our favorite flavor and once in a while gives us a good morning or good night, but do not interact more.

By very ‘curvy’ and however many followers you have would be fine in exceptional situations such as the one we are experiencing drop a comment of encouragement, that their followers like to see it with meshes that do not support the pressure of your body but also grateful for the encouragement.