This can’t be real! To Yuliett Towers you will see: you Photo bomb!


Yuliett Towers is of fireworks, to take up arms, not amilana for nothing and is delivered to the fund and without brake, that already puts it the rules.

Not quite a week since Instangram consider that the relationship of the model with the social network had exceeded the limits and now back to the load.

Not enough to have closed a couple of days your social network and re-arrange it a little, here returns Yuliett with the batteries charged and eager to know how much you will endure this time without you to give it the high, intrepid, more.

He says that theirs with the exercise it’s one of those relationships of all life, of the of while all of her curves are still in your site absolute fidelityand when the thing collapses, although there is no prospect or future of when or how, as you will see in what is his own. For the moment, the sport and she is only one.

And it is thanks to this sport that Yuliett check hand to outfits of the least conventional way to brighten up the view of all the looks and increase the number of followers, because in the end, about that.

Or leggings that resist, or jeans that feel like a glove or yellow colorthe bad luck, that accompany a dress, and a rear like yours, it seems like a lie, Yuliett!

And is that it is hard to believe that all that is realthat the pose is designed inside out so that it is clear everything that you have and for you to see and become addicted to his own, and with a little luck, to their routines.

The same thing Instagram does turn a blind eye and allows it. Or the same thing you go back to the old ways again, that with you, you never know.