This happened with Drake Maverick after NXT came out of the air


In the episode tonight WWE NXT, Jake Atlas recorded a victory over Drake Maverick in a match for the title acting title of cruise. A DDT Cartwheel of the top ended things for Maverick.

Jake Atlas comforted Drake Maverick after NXT

Shortly after the victory, Atlas was interviewed and the young man shared his thoughts on his victory over Maverick. Suddenly, he saw Maverick coming out of the sand. Atlas decided to stop him and comfort him after the loss tonight. This is what Atlas told him to Maverick:

I am fighting for my mother, my sister, my family. When I look at you, I see that in your eyes also. It is more than just about you. Probably more than just about your career. So is the life. We have had hard our way. Looking at you in the ring, taught me something. We belong. In life, we belong.

Atlas further stated that it believes in Maverick. Gave the superstar released a slap quick before leaving the place. You can see the full segment in the video below.

Maverick made a name for himself last year when he appeared alongside R-Truth on segments of the title 24/7. At the top of the popularity of the title, Truth pinned Maverick in his own wedding to get your title back.

Maverick was one of several Superstars that WWE despidio recently, as part of budget cuts. She will compete in the rest of the tournament and will face Kushida and Tony Nese in their next fights.

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