Toosie Slide, new Drake hits Tik Tok | Music


Every single Drake presents the world becomes a whole event. Even when the song has not been released officially, it can turn into a real phenomenon. That is the case Toosie Slidethe song , which is sweeping in Tik Tok.

In fact, it seems clear that the rapper has created the chorus of this topic thinking about their possible impact on this social network used by more and more millions of young people around the world.

Tutorials, choreography, challenges… The viral Toosie Slide they are already giving back to the world after the song was screened. Its official premiere, as confirmed by the own Drake, will occur in the early morning hours of this Thursday. And if the wave hadn’t been big enough, it will unleash a madness still greater.

This is not the first song that Drake released on this 2020 but yes we cater to everything that is happening in the environment this theme yes that looks like it’s going way to become his first hit of the year.

Before we were able to enjoy When to say when or Chicago freestyle in addition to his collaborations such as the remix of Loyal with Bad Bunny or their ‘featurings’ with a Future or Lil Yackty in Life is good and Oprah’s bank account, respectively.

Toosie slide you can turn out to be one of the best entertainments for this month of April is going to be hard after what happened in march with the crisis of global health. About it has also been pronounced Drake has resorted to their familiar environment in order to send a message to the world.