Val Kilmer speaks for the first time of her romance with Angelina Jolie


When the years pass and things change, it is easy to forget the past love celebrities, even famous as Angelina Jolie and Cindy Crawford. And is that long before there was the duo baptized Brangelina or that Cindy entered marriage with the entrepreneur Rande Gerber, who has one of the stronger relationships of the show, both famous sustained relationship with the actor Val Kilmer. Several decades later, Kilmer has opened his heart on these relationships in his autobiography I’m Your Huckleberry’s you could read in an extract given to People.

Val Kilmer and Angelina Jolie


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With a history of loving that includes names as famous as Cher and Daryl HannahVal Kilmer has remembered his past as a heartthrob quoted Hollywood. When writing this memory, it seems that the actor has nothing to write more good things from the women in your life. Cindy says that it was she who helped him find happiness after your divorce with Joanne Whalley in 1996. While Angelina Jolie also has only praise.

When people ask me how is she, I say it is like any other woman, and another superstar, but MORE,” writes of the protagonist of Tomb Raider, making it clear that their relationship was “perhaps the most poignant and serious of all of them”. Remember that in 2017 gave a hint of this romance, writing on Twitter: “once Angelina Jolie gave me a ride in a jet. I surprised it with gardenias. She had also brought a French actor. He was angry”.

Val Kilmer and Cher

Up to this point, no one knew for sure if the rumors of romance that occurred around them in 2004 when they worked together on the tape, Alexander was certain. Apparently, with this Kilmer confirms the brief relationship that took a year after that Angelina is separate from Billy Bob Thornton and a year before I started to record Mr. & Mrs. Smith, with Brad Pitt.

With much love, Val also reminded to Cher, who he says supported him in his fight against cancer. Even though their relationship was in the 80s, when the actor was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2015, he turned to his friend, “once that Cher manages to get into your head and your heart, new will. For her, true friends, the steadfast, and loyalty never die.”

Yes, the actor confesses that no rupture has hurt more than the one that started with Daryl Hannah. The couple had a relationship in 2001 when they recorded the tape In God We Trust. “God knows that I have suffered from unrequited love. But Daryl was by far the most painful of them all. (Neil Young, I’ve always loved it, but I’m afraid that I hate you right now),” reads one passage, referring to the new husband of Daryl, whom she married in 2018.

Val Kilmer and Daryl Hannah