Venus Williams reveals her best friend on the tour of the WTA

We have seen Venus Williams have a great relationship with almost everyone on the WTA Tour, but who is your best friend on the Tour? Venus responded to this same question in a recent session of questions and answers that you made in YouTube.

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Venus Williams said that Serena is her best friend

Recently, Venus Williams had a questions and answers session on Youtube where he answered many of the questions made to him by the fans. A fan asked him who was his good friend on the WTA Tour, apart from Serena. Venus replied:

“I love you all on the tour of the WTA, but Serena, especially, is my best friend and my doubles partner”.

I don’t think anyone expecting Venus Williams to say anything more. She and Serena are very close as sisters and also have done very well as a team. In addition to the achievements of their singles, have won 14 Grand Slams and 2 olympic gold medals in women’s doubles, which are achievements absolutely amazing.

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We have not seen the incredible pair of doubles from the French Open in 2018, where they lost in the third round. It was supposed to emparejarían again in 2019 in Indian Wells, but unfortunately, Serena withdrew due to a viral illness. Now, we will not have the opportunity to see the pair of double again for a long time thanks to the pandemic coronavirus.

The global health crisis has forced the suspension of the WTA Tour until July. However, this implies that the virus is contained in that moment. Looking at the current situation, that doesn’t seem likely since the number of cases increases daily. If the situation does not improve soon, it is likely that you do not see any tennis in 2020.

I’m sure that any fan of tennis wants that. Serena and Venus Williams certainly don’t want that. I am sure that they want to return to play doubles together and possibly win one last Grand Slam before they both retire from tennis.

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