Venus Williams reveals the crush he had in common with Serena Williams


Venus Williams recently held a question and answer session with their fans through their YouTube channel. During the course of the interaction, she answered a few questions really fun.

Venus was very lively during the entire session, which also meant that their answers were much more mischievous than usual. In a time in which the fans are stuck at home due to the quarantine, she certainly did everything possible to keep them entertained, even if it is not on the tennis court.

The people who made the questions did their part to ensure that your questions are sufficiently mature that Venus Williams the out of the stadium. One of the most interesting questions that was posed to Venus was about the best tennis player on the ATP Tour.

She did not mention any tennis player today. Instead, his choice was not other that one of the biggest stars of Wimbledon of all time. Who chose Venus Williams? The tennis star american elected to a fellow-countryman retired as his lover male on the ATP Tour.

She was talking about the legend, Pete Sampras. “Oh that guys so dreamy! I will say that when I was younger, my sisters and I, we thought that Pete Sampras was sexy. And so it is in 1990 or whatever, and my dad, here, is talking and saying: “you don’t have to like the guys”

And we were as well-dad (pretends to be crying) . So since then I’ve learned not to like any guy on the ATP Tour (winks) . You’re still hot (whispering slyly) “

Venus Williams is certainly not the only one with that thought. Pete Sampras was very popular among the ladies during their heyday. His frame of 6 feet 1 certainly did not hurt its prospects. Growing up as a fan of tennis in the united states.

UU., It was obvious that Venus Williams was stunned by the appearance of this icon of tennis in your country. There’s certainly no shortage of players looking. Who would you choose for the tennis player more attractive?