Video: ‘Hit Me One More Time’ of Britney Spears in the style of the Soviet Union | Music


In the last days, the followers of the singer have bothered with that is socialist or communist

A few days ago

Britney Spears

surprised all of his followers to share with you a text in the calling for the strength of the community to address the caused by the coronavirus. This has led to mix one of their most iconic songs with the hymn of the Soviet Union.

The quote I shared was written by the writer marxist Mimi Zhu, which is focused on a claim to a better distribution of wealth. For this reason, many users who saw this image on Instagram you started getting nicknames like “Queen of the Proletariat“and did memes and videos with communist.

“During this time of isolation, we need a connection now more than ever. Call your loved ones, write letters of love virtual. Technologies such as virtual communication, the transmission are a part of our community collaboration”, can be read in a fragment that is shared.

As A result we have made many images that appear with the greatest exponents of communism like Karl Marx, Lennin, Friedrich Engels, and Stanlin. However, there was one that took the prize as the best of all.

A YouTube user called William Marancicombined the voice of the artist singing their songs with the hymn of the Soviet Union, the best example historical of communism.

In the clip you can appreciate Britney Spears singing “Hit Me One More Time“as if it was a version made to commemorate the defunct nation.

Watch the video below.