what actor Spider Man has coronavirus?



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Tom Holland, actor who gave life to Spider-Man, quarantined, then he announced that he felt sick and I was having some symptoms related to the coronavirus, Covid-19.

The actor who plays Peter Parker, Spider-Man, the Marvel Universe has been giving new updates of your status through Instagram Stories. Holland determined to isolate himself when he began to notice some symptoms that correspond with the COVID-19, although he says that does not believe it is infected.

Before the news, the fans marvelitas have turned to the situation of the young actor. Have come to social networks to show your sample support, and concern, from those that wish them a happy recovery to those who resort to the great phrase of Infinity War “mr Stark, I don’t feel very well”.

In addition to explaining his improvement in health, Tom Holland has been sharing some good tricks to make the quarantine more bearable.

Criticism of Tom Holland

Before the news of the state of health Tom Holland on social networks they have also criticized the actor for allegedly creating panic and increase followers.

“Imagine the amount of people freaking out because Tom Holland was sick in his history of Calls,” says a tweeter who fears that the health of the actor to worry more internet users than the virus itself.

“Tom Holland has just giving me so much information with your history of Instagram this morning* Is sick, not good. Is making a puzzle game with an old man. And as there were no eggs in the supermarket* have you bought a chicken?”, summarizes another fan who has been very attentive to the life in quarantine for Holland.

Others take it with more humor, with comments such as that the next movie of Spider-Man will be called “Working from home” or pointing out other comments from the actor as one that ensures to a fan that “can’t marry her because she has the coronavirus”.