What do you think Greta Thunberg about the pandemic of COVID-19?


STOCKHOLM.- The small activist Swedish Greta Thunberg demanded that the authorities in a combined effort to combat the pandemic of the coronavirus and the climate crisis, this is the celebration of the 50 anniversary of Earth Day.

He expressed that due to the measures of isolation, the quality of the air and water have shown results to reduce the level of contamination.

Greta mentioned that the need of millions of people back to work is to cast long shadows the environmental panorama.

He stressed that despite the closure of the economy, the wildlife has returned to the streets of the cities, with wolves, deer and kangaroos to walk along roads, usually packed with cars.

We have seen fish in the canals of Venice, that since they are not contaminated by the motor boats, while the residents of some indian cities have reported to have seen the Himalayas for the first time in decades.

Thunberg said that the action to combat the coronavirus does not mean that the climate crisis has not gone away.

Today is Earth Day and it reminds us that the climate and the environmental emergency is still happening and that we need to confront the pandemic of the coronavirus, at the same time as we deal with the weather emergency and environmental because we need to deal with two crises at the same time,” he said.

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