What Tom Holland was contagious coronavirus?


Through Instagram, ITom Holland he confessed that he feels super sick!

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Tom has been one of the millions of people in the world that has been kept in quarantine by the coronavirus; however, the powers of Spider-man have not been able to keep it all safe, because through their stories of Instagram, I confessed that it feels super sick!

After seeing the concern of her fans for a possible spread of the coronavirusTom said that in spite of feeling very bad, don’t think you’re sick of the COVID-19; however, decided to take greater precautions to avoid spreading it to people who live with him.

I feel quite sick. I don’t think you have cov, but I’m taking extra precautions. I’m isolating on the inside. I love you all, the fact less“.

Another step that Tom took to survive the quarantine, it was to buy a chicken!, as the actor of Spiderman secures not found eggs in the supermarket.

Due to what is happening, the supermarkets are empty and we could not find eggs, there was not. So to solve the problem, we become a source of eggs and we bought this hen“.

We hope that Tom will recover soon, I adore your idea of the chicken!

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