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When Dusty Baker stunned a young Zac Efron, and you made the day

When Dusty Baker stunned a young Zac Efron, and you made the day

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Actor Zac Efron is certainly one of the celebrities that more success has been had with the audience of youth from the mid-decade of the 2000’s, jumping to fame for his role as Troy Bolton in the saga of High School Musical, going on to other roles in more serious how to in The Lucky Onand or in Neighborsat the side of Seth Rogen, or his more recent success Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile, where he plays the killer seriel, Ted Bundy.

In your paper how Troy Bolton, Zac plays a passionate player of basketball, however in real life, Efron is a big fan of the ball and is a fan since childhood of the San Francisco Giants, so that he lived a great part of the reign of Barry Bonds how to the king of the Big Tent.

In a recent interview for the program YouTube, Hot Ones, where celebrities eat wings super spicy while talking about his life, Efron shared an interesting anecdote with Dusty Baker, who for several years was manager of the Giants:

Dusty went by very fast with his motorcycle and had several people waiting where I was, and I ran towards him with a ball of baseball, I took a pen blue for me to sign and my ball-new, and Dusty said to me, ‘now I can not, I have to go to the church’, and normally that means that you do not have time for you, but then I said ‘I will return in 30 minutes’. It was, and I thought that since I was not going to return, but 45 minutes after he arrived with his huge motorcycle and I was surprised, and pointed directly towards where I was, and I said ‘come here, do you Still have that ball?’ And the di and I signed it; that meant a lot to me.

Without doubt a great moment that shows the great humility of Baker with a small fan named Zac Efron.