Will Smith could star in a horror movie


The famous director and writer for the american Jordan Peele is considering the famous actor Will Smith for his next production that will be the gender of terrora genre that has performed very well by the director.

Previously, Jordan had worked only in comedybut for a time began to devote themselves to terror, which has had very good reviews.

Everything seems to indicate that it has already begun work on his third film, and most likely that Will Smith is the protagonist of the story.

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As is well known, the films of horror genre, it is difficult to win any prize, but surprisingly the film Flees directed by Jordan Peele it has been one of the few in winning one and being nominated several times.

Flees it turned out to be a success and although Us did not receive any prize, the critics were quite good and managed to raise more than 250 million dollars.

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It is for this reason that the director has become the favorites to make this type of movies and anyone you want to collaborate with him.

According to information We Got This Covered, the film-maker is quite interested the actor Will Smith.

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Now Peele is working on his new horror film in the company of Monkeypaw Production and Universal.

Unfortunately, by the time it is not known of what will, however sources close to the environment say that it is in talks with the protagonist of I Am Legend to become your protagonist.

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By the time yet not confirmed anything for they are still in talks to reach an agreement.

All the films where she has participated Will have raised more than seven billion dollars so if you are involved in this film is sure to be a success.

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Currently the fortune of Will Smith has an estimated value of $ 260 million, which has gained from 20 years of age.