Will you be in DC? Robert Downey Jr. will star in the adaptation of other comics


After his career resurgence like a phoenix to give life to Tony Stark/Iron Man for more than 10 years in the movies from Marvel Studios, Robert Downey Jr. has been looking for entering in different projects beyond the performanceand everything seems to indicate that this project will be linked with an adaptation of a comic book.

For a time he had heard that Robert Downey Jr. would ‘Sweet Tooth’, a series based on the comic of the same name. This project would be in charge of him along with his wife. But everything seems to indicate that the series was destined to reach Hulunow is expected to land directly in Netflix.

For those who are not very familiar with the comic series of ‘Sweet Tooth’, is part of Vertigo Comics (a branch of DC comics) and were written by Jeff Lemire. This graphic novel consists of 40 chapters, where he tells how a boy half deer of nine-year-old named Gus, he is forced to leave his home after his father loses his life.

Will you be in DC? Robert Downey Jr. will star in the adaptation of other comics robert-downey-jr-make-sweet-tooth-324x500

Source: Vertigo Comics

From there, Gus embarks on a journey where you will meet with different people and circumstances that will lead to the limit of their fears, disappointments, and great part of his sanity, giving his readers a deeper look on so decadent that you can get to be the human.

Give the green light to this project that has been stopped since some time ago, he would join the growing list of adaptations of comic books on Netflix. You have had a good reception by the fans, resulting in series such as: ‘Locke & Key’, ‘Lucifer’, ‘Umbrella Academy’ and ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’.

For now, the only official information that is known about this project is that Robert Downey Jr. would produce the series of ‘Sweet Tooth’, but it’ll have to wait until more information is revealed about this strange new series.