Wow! Eiza Gonzalez leaves without speaking to their fans to play a Disney princess-What a talent!

Eiza Gonzalez has managed to make their way in the world of Hollywood thanks to his talent and dedication, without counting the thousands of fans that, to date, accumulated, attracted by its undeniable beauty.

Known for her role of Lola Valentelittle by little has managed to make a name in the competitive industry and be among the faces most talked about show business.

And is that the actress of telenovelas it has set goals a bit ambitious, that with effort and perseverance has been conquered, being admired and supported by all your audience.

His fame has allowed him to the mexican rub shoulders with up to the very Vin Diesel, with whom he had the opportunity of sharing roles in her latest acting work, the film “Bloodshot”.

In case outside little, in addition to shine on film sets with the most prominent personalities of the business, the artist of 30 years it has a prodigious voice.

It is as well as making use of their hidden talents, the also singer has surprised in several occasions to their fans, with the interpretation of challenging musical themes that have tested its virtues.

Recently, Eiza he made it clear that you are done belting out “Something There”, a song that is part of the movie of “Beauty and The Beast”, which caused the delirium of his fans.

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