“Wow, Shakira has very black!”. Do not tweeze, and you will see! Look at the picture


April 26, 2020
(13:47 CET)

Once again, the haters of Shakira have returned to be in evidence. And is that, as is widely known, the singer-columbian complies with one of the groups of detractors are more numerous at the time.

Detractors that, as is well known by its followers, is not that they have just no problem in circulating the information and photos for the networks with the sole intention of doing damage to the Barranquilla.

In this sense, what is more usual, at least from a time to here, is that the criticism comes or the loss of his voice and by the accusations of playback, or for your physical. Many consider that the couple of Gerard Pique has lost its qualities of sensuality as well as her voice. Accusations that, each time that the colombian steps on a stage, shows that they are more than false.

The photo of Shakira

However, not because they are in evidence, the detractors of the singer choose to withdraw. On the contrary. Explore new avenues, new ways to find a weak point of the artist.

In this case we have seen how in the last few hours his haters have circulated a picture on social media that accuse the couple of Pique of not having your underarms very cared for.


In the photo, as they say many, is seen as “¡Shakira has very black!”. Comments such as “What a beast”, “That’s not tweeze well” or “This woman always gives the impression of not caring much to say” already flying by the nets.

Obviously, as you would expect, their most faithful fans have come out in his defense by pointing out that criticisms such as these “are ridiculous” and that “Shakira has no problem in their armpits.”

For its part, as it does from a long time ago, Shakira he has chosen not to enter the rag and it has kept away from the controversy. It is, in fact, the best thing you can do.