Yuliett Towers tour and what it teaches: it’s Big and hard!


It can be seen that Yuliett Towers start the new year with the same desire of controversy with which he left the previous one, the model fit has no intention of abandoning, or the style of your posts, or stop teaching what they became famous.

Has not had a lot of work for the nickname Kim Kardashian mexican with which it is known will feel like a ring on a finger, because in addition to its buildings and its lack of modesty, rear of Yuliett is its attribute, most commented, and she, delighted.

Share those moments of fitness in that is delivered to the maximum so that its size remains the same when not more, and encourages its followers to starting in the sport with the same taste and passion with which he practiced it, and the truth, between the rows of his 5 million followers, we don’t know if it will be with a brave who dares the gym with the same delirium.

Still with their perched in profilethose who is so assiduous Sun Perez and so are only intended to draw the profile of your physical to appreciate all its greatness, because of Yuliett it is large in stature and in size, and it shows in their photos back!

Do you deny the evidence when you see it then turn and teach it?

Jeans skinny, a vision of curves-assured, smile picarona and message even more naughtybecause while she says that “I’m not flirting, I just I am smiling,” we are clear on your message, how we like to Yuliett and everything that comes with it!

Or the very censorship has failed to finish with the mexican, nor with their buildings or with their desire to teach. And we are happy to be able to continue seeing her, even from behind or in profile.