Yuliett Torres unbuttons the buttons and the catch you doing this!


Nothing has served to Kim Kardashian to bring to the market for the famous strips ‘push up’ to lift the front, the clones and the like neither stop nor leave out, it’s been worth it!

The one known as the Kim Kardashian of Mexican, Yuliet Torres, it’s well clear that she is not going to be of the increase the family fortune of the clan by buying these bands, because neither need nor want that pretty have to do with defending that yours is natural and achacarle to the American step by we do not know how many surgeons.

But the difference between the two Kardashian though only one is true at last also been felt in the form of their publications, if Kim teaches skin but so thin and delicate, Yuliett not repair skin, or take off clothing or look more as it says be working the body almost 24 hours a day in the gym.

The sister of the clan is that Trina and Yuliett so do that not resemble or in the whites of the eyes o the chagrin of celebrities!

And so that’s not to say that the Mexican copy, Yuliet has made a selfie very much their style and nothing to do with Kim.

Dress in the shortest, rear raised to more not power, a neckline that you see skin and shirt knotted at the height of its front panel, but I have come undone! the volume of the model is that it is impossible to close finish the shirt although she solves it anudándola and turning it into a garment the more informal.

The same now Kim responds with another selfie with another shirt without buckle and with another tight dress, to see if this is the way they seem, but of truth.