10 content streaming that you can find on Apple TV+


We know that sitting down all day in the house will force you to take your creativity to the limit. Looking for new ideas to entertain you. perhaps you too can cook or even connect with your artistic side.

But the streaming has also been positioned. Let’s be honest: who would not like to simply see a good program? To see a good series or movie, they always are things that are in the list of “to do”.

Streaming services there are several: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll and recently joined the Apple TV+. What is being offered in times of Covid19 on this platform?

“Amazing Stories”

This series is a reinvention of the anthology original of Steven Spielberg that will transport you to wonderful worlds through the lens of the filmmakers, directors and writers most imaginative of today.

This is a production executive of Spielberg, Darryl Frank, Justin Falvey, Eddy Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, Chris Long, Don Kurt, and David Goodman.

“The Morning Show”

This series explores the treacherous world of the news in the morning and the lives of the people who help Us to wake up in the morning.

This told through the lens of two women’s complicated, that work to give space in a world of high-octane, while facing various crises of personal and professional. This is a drama that examines the power dynamics between men and women in the places of work.

“Truth to be Told”

When new evidence compels the podcaster Poppy Parnell to reopen the case of the murder that became a national sensation, she finds herself face to face with the man who could have helped you, by mistake, to imprison.

Based on the novel by Kathleen Barber, “Truth Be Told” offers a unique insight into the obsession of united States with the podcasts on crimes real and it challenges its viewers to consider the consequences when the pursuit of justice is placed in a public stage.


This series is set in a distant future, after a deadly virus diezmara to humanity. Those who survived ended up blind. Jason Momoa plays Baba Voss, the father of twins born centuries later with the ability mythical of view, who must protect his tribe against a queen, powerful but desperate that he wants the twins to be destroyed.

Alfre Woodard plays Paris, the spiritual leader of Baba Voss. The series introduces the cast and the team who are blind or have low vision, which helped give life to this world inclusive and authentic.


This is a new psychological thriller from M. Night Shyamalan that follows a pair of mourning in Philadelphia after an unspeakable tragedy that created a rift in their marriage and opens the door for a mysterious force to enter your home.


We invite you to meet Cody and to the Helpsters, a team of fun monsters that love to solve all kinds of problems. From organizing a party, climbing a mountain or learning a magic trick. The Helpsters solve everything that they are going to present, because everything starts with a good plan.

“Snoopy the Astronaut”

Accompanies Snoopy while fulfils his dream of becoming a NASA astronaut. Charlie Brown and the rest of the band Peanuts is to locate Snoopy when he assumes command of the International Space Station to explore the moon and everything beyond.

“Defending Jacob”

This is a thrilling movie based on the best-selling novel (2012) of the New York Times, of the same name.

Starring Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery, ‘jaeden Martell, Cherry Jones, Paul Schreiber, Betty Gabriel and Sakina Jaffrey. This drama revolves around a crime that shakes a small town in Massachusetts and one family in particular, forcing a district attorney assistant, to choose between their sworn duty to uphold justice and his unconditional love for his son.

“Beastie Boys Story”

If you are a fan of the music of this group from the 90s, you’ll love this documentary that tells the story intimate and personal of the band and their 40 years of friendship. This documentary is directed by Spike Jonze, a friend and collaborator of the band.

Beastie Boys Story will be released just after the anniversary 26 the release of the first album of the band.

“Home Before Dark”

It is a dramatic series of mystery inspired by reports of a young investigative journalist, Hilde Lysiak. Directed and produced by Jon M. Chu, the series follows the young Hilde (played by Brooklynn Prince) who moves from the city of Brooklyn to the small town next to the lake that his father left behind.

While there, his pursuit of the truth leads him to discover an outstanding case that everyone in the city, including his own father, tried to bury.