3 tricks to look fabulous instantly


The jewels of great size, can work perfectly in your looks and turn them into an instant success. The mexican actress chooses, for example, necklaces thick that give it the twist of the monochrome or rings of great size, and out of the ordinary. Yes, metallics always occupy the first place, in fact, work on both bets, more classic in the more relaxed.

If you plan to incorporate this trick into your outfits, be sure to select those that best represent your style and that can raise the level of your outfits or become the real protagonists, either by their dimensions or by their particular design. What is an extra? The sunglasses eye-catching to express your individuality.

Salma Hayek with labial detonalidades strong©GettyImages
The lips in bold colors are perfect for breaking the monotomía

Lip color-rich

The makeup is key, and Salma can give it the prominence it deserves, especially when you are of lip it is. In the moments that you are not wearing a nude, is bent by the intense reds, from coral to crimson, usually with a hint of shimmer– that can be a point of contrast perfect with the pieces that make up the look.

And do not are also an unfailing source to achieve a effect of a good face, brighten up a gray day or be the perfect counterpoint to a look monocolored? The best thing is that with them you can dispense with the makeups more elaborate, and are ideal for those days when you have little time to get dressed. What more extras to look fabulous at the moment as the actress and producer in Latin? Get some heels and let the hair loose, smooth, or with soft waves.