6ix9ine going to hire as security to a guy who shot


6ix9ine is in jail for having connected most of the account with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods of New York, but it seems that his connection with the gang it could also save your life from now on.

6ix9ine admitted to having fired his new manager of safety

Few days ago we learned that Tekashi had been left without safety equipment because “it wasn’t worth the risk” -you must remember that precisely this important clan has sworn to 69 have been of the tongue with the feds– but the artist quickly you have found a great replacement.

More specificallyto a guy shot a long time ago in a blow that gave it next to the Bloods. According to reports, Snow Billy from now on will be your safety manager full-time, as 6ix9ine will need to be protected 24 hours a day.

But what is most curious is that they met and became colleagues after the incident of the shooting that ended with a Billy with a shot in the neck and another in the head.

It is evident that the artist wants to compensarale by what happened with a job that insurance is very well paid thank you to the danger that implies.

Tekashi still has not ruled on the issue, but it is likely that in a few months, when out of prison, what we see next to him on the street.

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