9 interesting facts about “A small favor”, the film that is all the rage on Netflix


“A small favor” is one of the movies Netflix that has conquered many in the streaming platform. The synopsis indicates: “Emily (Blake Lively) has asked a small favor from her best friend Stephanie (Anna Kendrick): to take care of his son one afternoon. When Emily does not go to pick up your child, Stephanie begins to worry. Stephanie will seek to discover the truth behind the sudden disappearance of Emily”.

The film is directed by Paul Feig and introduces us to two women opposite: Stephanie, a kind of “perfect mother” who has a channel where he teaches the recipes, and Emily, an elegant woman who is estrega to alcohol every time you can. The intrigue is going to explode when Emily disappears mysteriously.

9 interesting facts about “A small favor”, the film that is all the rage on Netflix

9 curiosities that hides “A small favor”, the film that is all the rage in Netflix

  1. In the weeks leading up to the premiere of the movie, Blake Lively took out all their profile pictures of Instagram and continued to just 28 accounts of people who called as her character, Emily Nelson.
  2. Emily always wears suits because Blake Lively wanted to make the difference between your character and the one who played in Gossip Girl, who was also very elegant.
  3. The costume designer, Renee Ehrlich Kalfus, was inspired by several famous to put together the looks of Blake Lively, including Katharine Hepburn, Lauren Bacall and Madonna.
  4. The screenwriter of the movie, Jessica Sharzer, he declared that he wanted to narrate how the women are forced to adopt a role in life. In addition, that then is the judge for this.
  5. The character of Emily is a drinker but Blake Lively has not tasted alcohol in his whole life.
  6. To assemble the look of Anna Kendrick, the designer looked to several moms of Instagram. In the film, the actress looks 39 changes of clothes that are changing according to how you evolve your character.
  7. Sean, who plays Henry Golding, is inspired by the actor Cary Grant.
  8. The offices of Dennis Nylon (Rupert Friend) were built from scratch in a warehouse.
  9. The director of photography, John Schwartzman, said that to give the tone of the film was inspired by “bright colors and poppy” of the classic “Blue Velvet” by David Lynch.

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