A stalker sneaks into the house of Kate Beckinsale in full quarantine

The police recorded this weekend the house of Kate Beckinsale, where it is passing the quarantine, and found an intruder in the interior of the property.

The actress Kate Beckinsale located just past the quarantine in his mansion in Brentwood, California, and it seems to be that a bully took advantage of this circumstance to try to get in contact with her to push into the property throughout the weekend.
A stalker sneaks into the house of Kate Beckinsale in full quarantine
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His neighbors were witnesses of the inspection that the authorities conducted in the housing, where it is believed that they found an intruder, and in the images obtained by the journal Daily Mail you can see four officers reviewing a backpack that was placed on the floor in front of the main door.

For the time being has not confirmed any arrests, but what is clear is that at these heights, Kate it takes very seriously its security after having suffered several incidents of frightening.

A stalker sneaks into the house of Kate Beckinsale in full quarantine

In 2016, a man named Terry Lee Repp got closer to it to be able to touch him back during an event in Salt Lake City and threatened there with apuñalarla.

The same guy followed it months later to Boston, but the police managed to stop the “unhealthy obsession” that developed towards it.

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A year later he presented at a convention in Tampa where he was scheduled to attend the actress with the intention of finding it, although on that occasion he was detained before the commencement of this meeting Kate with the public, to respond to the questions in their fans.

Up to now it is unknown if Repp he was involved in the events that took place this Sunday at the house of the interpreter.

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