Actress Bella Thorne innova with yarns of different colors: how do you dye?


The former “Girl Disney”, Bella Thorne posted a photo on their social networks with all his hair black and streaks of turquoise. Do you want to achieve your look? Here is tips to look like a goddess.

Increasingly, there are more women that slivers of blue, green, grey or orange, get different colors of fantasy!

For example, the actress Bella Thorne showed it to his thousands of fans on the social networks your new look: with his hair jet black, the color in her bangs with shades of turquoise. It’s gorgeous!

To begin with this new look, choose the type of wicks that you want to get in your hair. The most common is to opt for california, that will degrade the color of the tips or the roots, as they give the mane a look jovial and a lot of personality. But there is also the possibility of making the wicks full color fantasy.

The how to implement them is similar to that of any other tint: select the sections in which we will apply the wick, and the thickness that you want. You must do it, approximately, from the middle of the mane (this height also to the taste of each one) up to the tips, ensuring that they fully cover the hair. And you are done!

How to paint streaks of color?

Don’t forget to take into account the quality of the paint: choose a range without ammonia for a pleasant scent, and with floral oils of natural origin, color enhancer.

Change of hairstyle can be a complicated decision but you’ll see what good that is. Give it a try!