Alex Morgan, the soccer player more competitive and obsessive of the world: “fear,”


Your family and your husband to explain anecdotes of obstinacy, winner of the ‘pretty girl’.

Alex Morgan, it is possibly the player most competitive of the women’s national team USA current world champion and one of the most obsessive in the world to go to for the victory.

Appearances can be deceiving, yes: the ‘pretty girl’ of the hobby American, who is about to be a mother for the first time, “scary”, as it secures your father Michael alluding to the so marked obstinacy of his youngest daughter, that being pregnant as of 9 months still has trained.

While, Jill Ellis, which has taken Alex to his orders in the USNWT, states that “being competitive is part of his psychological constitution” and her sister, Jeni recalls episodes family that illustrates this obsession.

Has a bad losing: stories of the Monopoly, the cars and the hand nearly broken his father.

The portal Insider he has compiled these stories and other testimonies of the environment of Alex Morgan that illustrate that trait of the venerated athlete, 30 years old:

– small, sick of losing to his older sisters (Jeni and Jeri) in the games, “he went into his room and spent hours to face herself in the Monopoly game to try to defeat itself”; it always returns Jeni to Glamour, “Alex has always been this way”

– Jeni added that “they also took the training very seriously. He carried a book in which wrote down how many abs did while watching the tele. And did squats, lunges… it for 9 years!”

Orlando Magazine revealed that there was a system in the house where the three sisters got points for their success in school and sports and other actions and that these items would be traded at the time of their first car; the older sisters had a Mercury sedan and a Chevrolet pickup… and Alex, a Lexus IS 350

– in US Soccer, the own Alex described as “the girl most competitive as ever” and explained that he played on the softball team their sister of 13 years old with only seven years

On their honeymoon to the 7 of the morning had already come out to run and done their exercises.

– in addition, she said that her dad was a goalkeeper when she was training in the garden; but when she turned 14 or 15 he had to leave because her shots were too strong, to the point that she almost broke the hand, she is good at the golf swing.

– in another order, Alex insists that “if no outside player would be a player of volleyball or softball. I am too competitive as for not playing a sport”.

– already in Men in Blazers, pointed out that “as a little girl I loved to beat the boys at all: it was a race or a game, I had to be the number 1 regardless of who I face”

Servando Carrasco, the husband of Alex since 2014, he has excelled in Glamour the obsession with winning and his losing of Alex are something that “can become absurd sometimes, a game of cards, you can end up in a fight; to see, can have its point of grace, but then there are those two or three hours of uncomfortable silence”

– Carrasco: “with Alex, it is always or all-or-nothing in all areas of your life. When he suffered an anterior cruciate ligament rupture was recovered in 6 months… crazy considering the severity of that injury”

The own Alex says: “I loved beating the boys: I had to be the no. 1”

– Servando, in Orlando Magazine: “The first morning of our honeymoon (that was two days ago) I woke up at 7 in the morning and she had already left to run and fact your exercise chart, and was doing plates and squats in the room. I kept looking and I thought, ‘well it’s time for you to get your ass out of bed’”

– Servando: “he works so hard. It is not only his talent, is his delivery. Has that desire to be the best… with that makes the difference”

– Alex explained in Men’s Health that even when he trains alone, he is motivated by thinking of their fellow team selection: “it Is my duty to do more than they, I always hope to do more than them. Is my motivation”

– the initial idea of Alex was to take part in the football tournament Olympic of Tokyo-2020 only three months after giving birth: while pregnant, was exercised 6 days a week; with the postponement of the Games to 2021, making his point will be more in the background.

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