Alexa Dellanos opens the dress to let you see it as well!

The level of divinismo of Alexa Dellanos has reached a maximum difficult-to-match, and that their only good is their anatomy.

The daughter of Myrka Dellanos she has become accustomed to the life of Hollywood star even if you’ve never walked the red carpet, it moves as if it were a movie star and spends as another, because that is what famous and she is.

Some say that it is a model, others say that it is ‘the daughter’ and she says that is the celebrity that alters the mood of almost two million followers based teaching body, and to be honest, it has all the reason.

The case is that in the life of the curvy the travel, the planes and the suitcases are a continuum. Pleasure, something of obligation and a lot of party, so goes the life little placid another of the famous ‘ body is impossible and that a little effort will achieve to the very Anastasiya Kvitko.

Egypt has been the destination of choice for the dummy to enjoy these festivities, the touch of glamour that always makes gala.

And among pyramids and camels, one might think that the style of Alexa necessarily have to be differentbut all is well. Dellanos girdles and squeezes curves up in the desert.

And for that, have no doubt, the daughter of the journalist it has opened up its dress, a kind of fabric that covers a mono black wrap, tight, more tight draw the silhouette of Alexa without the need of encourage the imagination to work a little.

Front of panic and rear of the casting to shake, it is as well as gives us the view Alexa, and this is how he wants us to see.

And you have to recognize your success, even if it’s only in writing decorated or move their curves.