Alexa Dellanos triumphs in their social network accounts


Alexa Dellanos, the daughter of the famous journalist Myrka Dellanos, shows that the work you do on your social networks is to perfection. The girl is becoming more and more popular and already has over two million followers on Instagram.

Alexa Dellanos viraliza one of their recent publications on Instagram, where he performs a dance, and his followers will melt of love for her.

Alexa is a beautiful young girl, and as proof the images and videos that is constantly placed on their networks. Loves to travel a lot by different countries of the world and take pictures.

Alexa Carolina Dellanos is the full name of the young model and like to post photos in different places and constantly filled with praise and compliments.

You are beautiful”, “cute lights, gorgeous”, “Well, no, because you’re going through..a work of art”, are some of the comments that we did get, after seeing this photo.