Angelina Jolie is back to the front to fight against the COVID-19 after the operations of their two daughters


After that Angelina Jolie said, in a touching letter, of the delicate situation that ran through his family to have to deal with, almost at the same time, the operations of two of his daughters, the actress has returned to the front and has joined the fight to alleviate the health crisis that afflicts the world at the moment by the pandemic of the coronavirus. The protagonist of Maleficent has donated a milllón dollars (910.000 euros) to the organization No Kid Hungry, in charge of distributing food and aid for the most needy children around the world.

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“Starting this week, more than a thousand million children do not go to school all over the world due to closures related to the coronavirus. Many depend on the care and nutrition they receive during the school hours. This includes nearly 22 million small, only in the united States,” said Angelina.

Jolie, world-renowned for her great humanitarian work, has also made a donation to the Refugee Agency of the UN by the COVID-19 and will send support to the schools that they fund in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Kenya and Namibia. For years, the interpreter of 44 years sponsors 10 schools in Cambodia through the Foundation Maddox Jolie Pitt (created in the name of his eldest son), as well as the school Angelina Jolie for Girls in Kenya and two more in Afghanistan, with the aim of ensuring that their students continue their education during the crisis.

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Health problems in your family

The actress has returned to the front weeks after telling the surgical intervention to which they had had to submit two of their daughters. “I’ve spent the last two months going in and out of surgeries with my oldest daughter, and, ago, days, her younger sister also had to go through operating room for an operation of hip,” noted on march 8, without giving barely a lot more details. “They know that I’m writing this, because I respect your privacy, we’ve talked about it and have encouraged me to write it. Understand that go through medical problems, struggling to overcome them and be cured is something to be proud of,” said the actress in her testimony more personal.

He was referring to Zahara, of 15 years, and Shiloh, of 13, whom we saw walking with the aid of crutches. Also to Zee (as it was called in the family) it could be seen after the intervention —it is unknown the nature of the same—. And it is at this stage the family has evolved with them, as he says Jolie is highlighting the affection and the help of your other children. “I have watched my daughters take care of each other. My youngest daughter learned with the team of nurses, like his sister, and it was with her often. I saw how all my guys left it all and gone before the welfare of their sisters. I felt a great joy”, continues Angelina, who has highlighted the courage of his girls: “I have seen them face their fears with courage. We have all lived some time in the that no one has been able to help and we have only been able to close the eyes and breathe to face it. When you can only move forward and face the pain, we serenamos and what we do.”

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