Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively, the duo behind “A small favor”


“I need a small favor”. With this phrase, the stunning Blake Lively (31) gives rise to the plot of A small favorthe thriller, which this week is opening in our country. Next to Anna Kendrick (33) play a duo of friends, those friendships that are given past the 30, which could well be neighbors, co-workers, courses or mommies of cole… Just mommies of the cole it is.

With children, who are intimate friends, the productive and successful vlogger Stephanie Smoothers (Kendrick) and the business of fashion Emily Nelson (Lively) will be involved in a relationship of attraction and contrasts constant. An order-of-Emily –take charge of your only son, no less– and his sudden disappearance make this film a bomb of suspense similar to what used to be the girl in The train last year and underlining all the ups and downs that a relationship between women can have.

The film emphasizes the life in the suburbs and is full of twists, secrets and revelations where the loyalty comes into play. The producers know what play.

Based on the novel of the same name by Darcey Bell (2017, translated to 24 languages), the film combines thematic current as friendship in the XXI century, the social networks, the world of work and a lot of glam. Bonus track: cocktail, because –Martini in hand– Lively shows as a kind of Gatsby’s female and in version updated. A plot by the producers to be assured of acquiring the film rights before the book was released (I so much trust you had!) and suspense that many guess similar to films tellers as Lost.

HOLLYWOOD 2018. So, Anna Kendrick introduces you to Stephanie, a vlogger to what Julia Child, a single mother whose life revolves around her son and a exposure online in search of approval that little and he has nothing in common with the enigmatic Emily (Blake Lively), his work in high fashion in Manhattan –attention: if you see the film you’ll want to use the smokings of Blake– and the near-perfect family life on the side of Sean, her husband writer Henry Golding, of Madly Millionaires).

Both form a duo so dissimilar as enhanced and created in a short time an unexpected nexus of loyalty. With this situation through, it raises questions such as what happened with Emily?, what hidden?, would it leave behind to your child?

“I like that this story see how different women choose between career and children. What is it that we give on both sides, and what we lose when we do it?”, mused the writer Jessica Sharzer. So, ahead of “in Stephanie and Emily you two women are very different –a mother who stays at home and an ambitious career woman– that would never have been friends if it hadn’t been for their children. I’m very interested in these distinctions and the way in which women still feel forced to choose one or the other thing,” said Jessica.

With the complexity of the friendship between women as the axis, the casting could not have been better. A small Anna and Blake that they were only known for having crossed on time Kendrick worked on The voice 2014 alongside Ryan Reynolds, the husband of Blake.

The duo had chemistry instantly. “Imagine working next to Blake, imposing, beautiful and well-dressed!”, laughed Kendrick from his 1,57 m, bus stop, next to 1.78 m of his new buddy and friend. Anna said that in the film (the script called for!) there is a kiss between the two. Yes, yes, yes.

“Everything that I am thinking of the kissing scenes is who has a mentita?”, confessed the actress. “And I think that Blake is mine because it never happened to me of having a man in search of a chewing gum or a mint. I think we were the two people most mentoladas ever kissed in the history of the united States!”. Both represent a generation that is looked at with attention. An intermediate between the new faces and those stars, which one identifies by his first name in Hollywood.

From the international premiere of the film at the end of September the team not to. Interact together in tours, interviews, and premieres by the world. Ensure feel mutual admiration. Kendrick, the standard-bearer of the comedy indie, with their films, sour, full of black humour hidden behind his face angelic, he knew how to shine in the Hollywood commercial with works such as Love without stopovers (with nomination to the Oscar as Better Actress of Distribution included), and thrillers such as The accountant with Ben Affleck. And Lively, to whom he struggled to remove the label of “Gossip Girl”, has already proved that it can go beyond, passing through films of adventures as Green Lantern (where he met Reynolds), Attraction to Dangerous or Cafe Society of Woody Allen.

Blake also became an icon of fashion who collaborated with the armed of the look of this character as glamorous as unpredictable. “Emily looks like a girl very provocative and unperturbed, but then we discovered that it is also incredibly vulnerable,” said the actress. About his new role (unthinkable villain), Blake was beyond and marked how are the interactions of today, “who we are and how we intend to be to others.”

texts PAULA IKEDA ([email protected] photos FOTONOTICIAS/ COURTESY of LIONSGATE