Anna Kendrick was placed because I had kidney stones


Anna Kendrick stands out for its sense of humor. However, he decided to get serious for a while to thank the staff who saw her at a clinic in Atlanta (united States). The actress of 33 years had to bring her in because he had kidney stones.

“I need to thank the doctors and nurses that helped me. I felt vulnerable, and terrified“he wrote on Twitter. Kendrick was very sore and highlighted the work of women who attended: Renee, Sandra, Muriel, Beverly, Ashley, Nina and Callie. “I am very grateful to you. Even if we talked for just a moment, I want you to know that the care and the kindness that you give to your patients is very much appreciated“, he continued.

The protagonist of Pitch perfect he noted the work of a particular nurse, of which only remembers that his name starts with L. “you Were one of those that I administered soothing and bromeaste with me to reassure me. I appreciate it,” he said.

The kidney stones are hard deposits of minerals and salts that form inside the kidneys, according to the description of the Mayo Clinic. Its causes are multiple, but tend to form when the urine is concentrated. In some cases, can be expelled naturally, while others need surgery. If diagnosed on time, do not produce permanent damage.

In regards to Kendrick, he did not return to post updates about your state of health. In any way, his fans sent him messages of support to recover soon.