Ariana Grande is back in the recording studio


Neither the quarantine nor the coronavirus stop to Ariana to continue working, the singer surprised his followers by posting a series of stories on his Instagram about his return to the studio, however, it has done so in a very peculiar way that allows you to stay safe.

The interpreter he shared with his followers a photo black and white, along with some videos of his new studio, thanking the people who made this possible. It is a study that has installed in your own homebut best of all is that it is next to your own bed.

It seems that Ariana is ready to continue with their quarantine while making the most of your time at home, yes, in the company of your tender pets, who are enjoying this mounting because it allows them to be close to his owner.

The puff of grey has placed in front of your desk has already become the seat of their fellow 4-legged, who will be witnesses of the melodies that Ariana will be able to create in this timely study which will facilitate their activities.

With this environment, Ariana could surprise us with a new record material sooner than we expect. Let’s not forget that recently emerged rumors about a possible collaboration with Lady Gaga for the album ‘Chromatica’.