Ariana Grande, very angry by imitations that make it in Tik Tok


It has always been said that any imitation is a symbol of admiration but it seems that Ariana Grande do not feel identified with this saying. The singer is one of the artists most copied by the millions of followers around the world thanks, in part, to its afinadísimo style, an icon for the new generations. Well, Ari is tired of the videos recently uploaded to Tik Tok by imitating her and this has been expressed publicly.

In a post that then you have deleted from your social networks, Ariana Grande
exploited on the reasons that have led her to be so upset with the imitations. And it is that, among all the stars that there are today, she is one of the most copied.

Ariana Grande on Instagram

Ariana Grande on Instagram

The look of Ariana Grande is very clearly defined and rarely changed style. Always see things with a long mane smooth and brazil nuts (product of hairpieces because she has curly hair, as we have seen in this quarantine) that usually carry tied in a ponytail at the top of the head.

Your black eyeliner and lengthened it is well-known by those who follow it, in addition to the excessive use of lipstick and gloss to give a more voluptuous lips. Not to mention the ears of the cat that Ariana Grande has become the trend.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Sometimes they are cat and other rabbit, but the headbands with ears are a classic in the costumes of the artist. The boots high-heeled high tops and hoodies extra long complete the picture we all have in mind of Ariana Grande.

That is why it is easy for many girls to get dressed and put on makeup like her. Now, the videos of Tik Tok goes a little beyond because many users dare to imitate her talking, or singing, refining the voice and dulcificándola both the own Ariana Grande has felt offended.

Ariana Grande delighted their fans also in New York

Ariana Grande delighted their fans also in New York
(Ap/ Greg Allen)

The artist sees it as an exaggeration that “degrades” all of your vocal work. “Oh my god. If these girls of Tik Tok with the pigtail they think that you put that voice and take an eyeliner thick and a sweatshirt is to make a good imitation of me… because that is how I feel,” wrote Ariana Grande on their networks.

This is not the first time that Ariana Grande was upset by how the mimic. It seems that the artist do not agree on how his followers carried to the extreme features real, although it is recognised that they do it very well.