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The fourth installment of the Avengers marked a before and an after in the cinema of superheroes. After 21 films, the movie universe of Marvel presented the battle more epic with Thanos as the powerful villain to take down.

During the meeting, Iron man gave his life to defeat the titan crazy and regain balance in the cosmos, His death not only changed the MCU forever but that also meant the departure of Robert Downey Jr. of the franchise.

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Lazy loaded component

When it comes to the end of the saga, the salary of the cast increased, but none of them looked out at the large figure of the actor. According to the website Deadline, Downey had an advance of $20 million, before you get the other 55 million. That is to say, a total of $75 million for his role in the tape.

Also, it was announced that Avengers: endgame we got to Disney a total of $890 million in net income. Just in its first weekend, the film grossed $1.2 billion covering the costs of production and marketing of the company.

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It should be noted that the superhero is positioned as the most popular of the MCU, according to the latest ranking of the portal Soaphub. In this way, beat Doctor Strange, the Vision, Spider-man, Thor, Black Phanter, and Captain America.

Who is Iron man?

Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark was a billionaire industrialist, former director general of Industrias Stark, and a founding member of the Avengers. Despite not possessing any power, with its advanced technology (virus Extremis) for addressing all types of threat.

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