Bad Boys would have this finish if it was a comic book series


On many occasions, the fans of the various film series increase the legacy of the same. One of the sagas of action that most fondly collected from the fans has been Bad Boys. Starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, this trilogy that began in the nineties brought us this year, their latest installment. With the end of celebrate 25 years of the saga, it seems that Sony has contacted the animator Luigi Lucarelli to celebrate.

In this way, it seems that the artist would have brought their way of celebrating all of these years we have enjoyed the different deliveries. Through bullets comicsthat emulate scenes emblematic of the series, the artist has shown all of themnext to the announcement of the exit of the tape in different formats. We leave, to say goodbye, the thread of Twitter with all the images of the three deliveries so that you can enjoy them.

I had an amazing opportunity to work with Sony on these 10 illustrations to celebrate the 25 years of Bad Boys. I’ve worked so much on this that I hope to do justice to these moments, so iconic! In addition, ¡¡Bad Boys for Life is already on Blu-Ray, DVD and in digital format!!

Source: CBR.

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