By coronaviruses, Greta Thunberg calls strike digital


The teen Swedish Greta Thunberg, founder of the youth movement “Friday for the Future“, on Wednesday asked the climate activists they make their demonstrations as well as weekly internet due to the spread of the outbreak coronavirus.

A growing number of countries are prohibiting large public gatherings as part of efforts to curb the spread of the virus.

Thunberg brings large crowds to protest against the climate change. Thousands flocked to listen to the English city of Bristol last month and thousands more joined her at a rally in Brussels a few days ago.

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“You can join the #DigitalStrike on the next Friday. Post a photo with a poster and use the hashtag #ClimateStrikeOnline! #Fridaysforfuture #climatestrike #schoolstrike4climate,” said Greta in her Twitter account.

“The climate crisis and ecological is the biggest that humanity has ever faced, but for now (of course, depending on where you live) will have to find new ways to create public awareness and advocate for a change that does not involve large crowds. Listen to the local authorities,” he said.

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The motion Friday to the Future calls on the politicians who listen to scientists on climate and urgent action against global warming.